Do Better, CMU.

Update: On July 2nd, President Jahanian published a statement titled "Confronting Racism and Promoting Equity and Inclusion." This statement and its accompanying document include clear and significant commitments in response to the needs of students. You can find that information on its dedicated website.

We encourage alumni to view the website, and decide individually if you feel the commitments and statements suffice for you to again support Carnegie Mellon. As we look forward, we hope you'll continue to keep a hopeful but critical eye on the progress made towards these new commitments.

This website will remain viewable, but no new names will be added.
Add your name to the list of 780+ Alumni and future Alumni committed to withholding monetary donations and other support to the University until Leadership provides a direct action-focused response to:

  1. Each individual item current students are demanding in their letter to alumni [1]
  2. Both petitions on racial prejudice at CMU and predictive policing [2] [3]
  3. The information described in The Tartan's Letter to The Editor [4]
As alumni, we can't support our alma mater without ensuring it's a safe and supportive space for all students. Without a public statement describing meaningful systemic change, more than just an affirmation that Black Lives Matter, we can't be sure this is the case. Carnegie Mellon University's administration has a history of inaction and empty rhetoric on important social issues, especially those impacting CMU's Black students, and the emails from leadership so far have been no exception.
* With the exception of fiscal or other support directly aiding students, marginalized groups, student orgs, and humanitarian causes, like the Tartan Emergency Support Fund. List updates every 30min to allow for filtering. Questions? email

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.
— Randy Pausch